These are a few of my favorite things. Randy Poppins (Mary’s younger brother)

When I was little, I wanted to be an efficiency expert, for some odd reason. Maybe it’s my German heritage?  I’m a busy guy who wants to spend time on things I choose, rather then busy work. I love shopping, but not as a hobby, so replacing things drives me nuts. Updating things is another annoyance, along with trying new things that don’t work as advertised. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate that I’ve listed things that have already measured up to my tough standards.

I love things that:
- Work well
- Save time
- Are efficient
- Last
- Live up to their claims
- Make sense
- Or are fun

One thing I really love is Amazon. Ordering is easy, delivery is free or cheap, returns are a breeze and there’s no driving, parking, milling around, waiting to check-out, driving back home. Check out: AMAZON PRIME for incredible deals on shipping, movies, books, music and more.

I live in downtown San Francisco, so I sold my M-B sports car and walk to the largest shopping mall west of the Mississippi, 28 movie theaters, 3 major art galleries, 122 restaurants, bus, MUNI, BART, Cable Cars, Streetcars, ferry boats, CalTrain, my gym at the Four Seasons, Union Square, Moscone Center, Ferry Building and more. And, I rent my parking spot, which pays for most of a trip to Europe every year. I have no pets, kids, plants, boats, airplanes or other high maintenance items. I do have the best computers, phones, TV, stereo, a modest camera system and dress in only 3 colors – black, white, beige. I reasons behind all of this and for me, it all works great (for me). Like I said, I don’t like to spend time on things that don’t matter. I do, however, buy clothing that is both classic, built to last, but “fill-in” with trendy things to stay in style. If you identify with any of this, or just have a curiosity about the things I recommend, check out the things I’ve recommended (and still use).

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