These are a few of my favorite things. (Ha, ha … like the song!)

I love things that:

– save time
– save money
– live up to their claims
– make good sense
– are efficient
– work well
– last
– wear extremely well
– or are fun (often for no reason).

My German heritage probably influenced me at a young age to think like an efficiency expert. My busy lifestyle calls on me to cut out wasted time, to make room for more fun or satisfying things I choose to do, rather than “have to do”.

I have a low tolerance for repetitious tasks, that can easily be automated, searching for documents, articles, snippets of text, recipes or lists, projects that take too long,  anything mundane, comedy that’s not funny, fake spirituality, anything that takes more time than it’s worth, products that don’t work as well as the sales promise and spending time replacing those things.

This site was inspired by friends and relatives asking me for details of things I like and use. Amazon ordering simplifies the process, and puts a little money in my pocket too. Besides, with Amazon, returns are a breeze – no driving, parking, forms or waiting in line.

For some added bonuses, check out: AMAZON PRIME for incredible deals on shipping, movies, books, music and more.

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